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At United Fruit and Produce, we are passionate about food safety. All products that we procure, package, process, and deliver are handled according to the highest standards of food safety.

We constructed our fresh cut processing facility with modern safety measures. Our food safety starts with good manufacturing practices and solid prerequisite programs, and extends to GFSI/SQF Level II certification. We have temperature monitoring and water potability testing, and we contract with top laboratories for reliable routine testing.

United is GS1 registered and has certified food safety practitioners on staff. We regularly perform mock recalls following the traceability rules of our HACCP program.

As a leading produce purveyor in the Midwest, we are continually exploring and investing in new food safety technology and staff training to ensure United Fruit and Produce remains on the cutting edge of industry best practices.

Here at United, we take great pride in our commitment to food safety and can provide clients in-depth details of the thorough, thoughtful food safety measures we have implemented.

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