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United Fruit and Produce provides fresh produce to all segments within the fresh food industry. We stock an ever-growing assortment of fresh conventional, local, organic, exotic, and seasonal assortments for retailers, food service, restaurants, and processing companies. We are always open to discussing new products, new trade areas, new buying opportunities, and new freight solutions. We invite you to contact us with questions and opportunities!

Produce Retail

Our company was founded on partnerships with produce retailers and grocery stores. Our produce retail customers range from small independent stores to nation-wide chain stores. Our custom packing and fresh cut abilities have helped retailers add value to their departments. We fill primary, secondary, and value added produce for our customers. We are here to help your company with all of its produce retail needs.


Food Service

Our current customers have grown their business, and subsequently our business, at least partly as a result of our commitment to providing products they desire. We know opportunities require immediate response. We provide whole cases, breaks, and fresh cut products to all of our food service customers. We know that with food service, having specific, customized produce is crucial. Because of this, we have a modern, fully equipped cutting room packed with machinery providing dimensional cuts to your specifications. We can adapt to your custom specification for all of our products and pack sizes. No matter how big or small your needs are in the food service industry, we are here to help.


Fresh Processing

Do you need items cut to your specific dimensions? Do you need potatoes, carrots or onions peeled?
Our Fresh Cut facility has the machinery and the staff to do small-batch jobs or mass amounts to handle all of your produce processing needs. We have various machines to cut, peel, dice, etc. Depending on the commodity and specifications, we have developed best practices for each item so it arrives in the best possible quality for your company’s use. Save time, labor, and money using our produce processing facility.

Wholesale Produce

Our wholesale produce operation is one of the strongest divisions of this company. We have expanded upon whole cases to include organic along with our conventional wholesale produce items.

We procure bulk produce from around the world to serve our customers year-round, but we haven’t forgotten about the locally grown produce in Missouri. When in season, United Fruit and Produce works with local produce growers to bring their fresh-from-the-field produce to the local community. Call us today about our locally grown program.

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