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Freight Consolidators

Here at United Fruit and Produce, we are your alternative to freight consolidators. You can call on us if you need freight for partial loads or full loads anywhere in the continental US. We can also load your produce on a brokerage basis and deliver to your locations. Our extensive reach in outbound deliveries enables us to provide back-hauls from our delivery sites so we can provide value to our customers. We operate cross docking facilities and we have refrigerated storage available to you at competitive rates.

Outbound Logistics

We provide customers great value on a primary and secondary basis. We deliver to most major Midwestern cities at competitive freight rates. We have well established daily outbound routes to cities across the Midwest, and our reach extends to from East Coast to the Rockies on special order basis. Your delivery will be shipped to the locations of your choosing on our own fleet of trucks, operated by our experienced drivers who provide lumper services at reasonable rates.

We have a network of dependable external carriers each of which makes on-time deliveries for us on a regular schedule. Our in-house sales staff will set up seamless appointments for you or your customer, large or small. Our transportation staff will provide you with status and updates on your deliveries. Our goal is to be a productive part of our customers’ supply chain networks.

inbound logistics

We load trucks in all US ports and we operate along major US corridors. We can provide you timely receipt of commodities made ever more widely available through globalization. Over the course of a year we load produce in just about every state in the United States. Our scale of business allows us to partner with an extensive network of carriers, each of which provides us competitive rates because of the regular weekly business that they have with us. We understand the cost pressures within our industry and we seek to provide the best value to our customers.

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